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Current Members

Ba, Sulin, Ph.D.

Dean, Driehaus College of Business,
DePaul University

Bai, Billy, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Bao, Yeqing, Ph.D. 包叶青

Associate Dean of Graduate School
Associate Director of International Engagement
University of Alabama in Huntsville

Cai, Liping A., Ph.D. 蔡利平

Associate Dean
College of Consumer and Family Sciences
Purdue University

Chen, Haiyang, Ph.D. 陈海洋

College of Business
Western Carolina University

Chen, Hang, Ph.D. 陈航

Senior Vice Provost for Instructional Programs
North Carolina State University

Chen, Jie, Ph.D. 陈捷

Graduate School
James Madison University

Chen, Jie-Qi, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty
Erikson Institute

Chen, Wei R., Ph.D. 陈伟

College of Mathematics and Science
University of Central Oklahoma

Cong, Zhen, Ph.D. 丛臻

Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs
School of Social Work, University of Texas at Arlington

Deng, Yi, Ph.D. 邓毅

College of Computing & Informatics
Drexel University

Dong, X. Neil

Associate Dean for Research
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
The University of Texas at Tyler

Du, Chan

Associate Dean
Charlton College of Business
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Feng, Du

Professor and Associate Dean for Research
School of Nursing
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Feng, Xiaodong, Ph.D.

University Vice President of Admissions and Student Services
California Northstate University

Fu, Shengli

Department of Electrical Engineering, U of North Texas

Fu, Xuanning PhD

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
California State University, Fresno

Gao, Qin

Associate Dean, School of Social Work, Columbia University

Gao, Su, Ph.D. 高速

Dean, Regents Professor
College of Science
University of North Texas

Ge, Jeffrey

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stony Brook University

Guan, Xiaoru (Sharon)

Assistant Vice President
Center for Teaching and Learning
DePaul University

Han, Luoheng, Ph.D. 韩珞珩

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
University of Alabama

He, Johnny J., Ph.D. 何江林

Director, Center for Cancer Cell Biology, Immunology, and Infection; Professor & Discipline Chair, Microbiology and Immunology
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

He, Matthew, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean
Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography
Nova Southeastern University

He, Ni (Phil), Ph.D. 何霓

Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity
Northeastern University

Hong, Wei

Senior Associate Dean
College of Liberal Arts
Purdue University

Hsu, Andrew T., Ph.D. 许多鸣

College of Charleston

Hu, Guiping

Department Head, Department of Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology

Hu, Rose

Associate Dean for Research and Professor
College of Engineering
Utah State University

Huang, Guiyou, Ph.D. 黄桂友

President, Wester Illinois University

Huang, Hanchen, Ph.D. 黄汉臣

Professor, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Huang, Yan, Ph.D. 黄艳

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
College of Engineering
University of North Texas

Lam, Monica, Ph.D. 林小华

Dean of College of Business
University of Central Oklahoma

Lee, Chung-Shing, Ph.D. 李中興

School of Business
Saint Martin’s University

Li, Bailian, Ph.D. 李百炼

Vice Provost for International Affairs
North Carolina State University

Li, Jian-Dong, Ph.D.

Institute for Biomedical Sciences
Georgia State University

Li, Joanne, Ph.D. 李惠眉

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Li, Lin

Department Head, Civil and Architectural Engineering, Tennessee State University

Li, Luchen, Ph.D. 李路辰

Associate Vice President for Global Education, Goucher College

Li, Ming, Ph.D. 李明

College of Education and Human Development
Western Michigan University

Li, Wei (Wayne), Ph.D. 李伟

Former Associate Dean
College of Science and Technology
Texas Southern University

Li, Xiaoling, Ph.D. 李霄林

Associate Dean, Graduate Education and Research
University of the Pacific

Li, Yi, Ph.D. 李亦

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Li, Yusong

Associate Dean for Faculty and Inclusion, College of Engineering, U of Nebraska-Lincoln

Li, Zhan, Ph.D. 李占国

Dolan School of Business
Fairfield University

Liang, Kan, Ph.D. 梁侃

Associate Dean
College of Arts & Sciences
Seattle University

Lin, Emily PhD

Associate Dean
Graduate College
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Liu, Kejian

Associate Dean for Research and Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of New Mexico
College of Pharmacy

Liu, Ting

Associate Dean for Research and Sponsored Program, Texas State University

Liu, Xiaoqing (Frank)

Dean and Professor
College of Engineering, Computing, Technology, and Mathematics
Southern Illinois University

Liu, Ying, Ph.D. 刘颖

Assistant Provost
Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis
Florida Atlantic University

Liu, Yusheng (Christopher), Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Research
Prairie View A & M University

Liu, Zhanjiang (John), Ph.D. 刘占江

Interim Vice Chancellor and Provost
Syracuse University

Lixin Song, PhD, RN, FAAN

Vice Dean for Research & Scholarship
School of Nursing
UT Health San Antonio

Lu, Elaine Yi, PhD

Director of Public Policy and Administration,
City University of New York-John Jay College

Lu, James, Ph.D. 鲁建业

Associate Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
California Baptist University

Ma, Hong, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation
Eberly College of Science
The Pennsylvania State University

Meng, Weiyi, Ph.D.

Interim Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science
Binghamton University

Mi, Hanfu, Ph.D. 米汉甫

College of Education and Human Services
University of Illinois at Springfield

Nygren, Lan Ma, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Norm Brodsky College of Business
Rider University

Qian, Lianfen, Ph.D. 钱莲芬

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
The Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
Florida Atlantic University

Qin, Yi-Xian

Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Assoc Dean for Academic Affairs and Int'l Programs
College of Engineering and Applined Sciences
Acting Vice President/Vice Provost for Global Affairs
Acting Dean of Int'l Academic Programs and Services (IAPS)
Stony Brook University

Qu, Jianmin, Ph.D. 曲建民


Stevens Institute of Technology

Rong, Yongwu, Ph.D.

Associate Provost for Research and International Programs
Queens College, CUNY

Shang, Ying

Dean of Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences
Indiana Institute of Technology

Shao, Lawrence P, Ph.D.

College of Business
Slippery Rock University

Shen, Jay J.

Professor of Health Care Administration and Policy
Associate Dean of School of Public Health
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Sui, Daniel

Vice chancellor for research and innovation
University of Arkansas

Tao, Yong, Ph.D. 陶永心

College of Engineering and Computing
Nova Southeastern University

Tianshu (Christina) Chu, CPA, CGMA

Senior Associate Controller
Nova Southeastern University

Tong, Fuhui PhD

Interim Associate Provost and Dean
Graduate and Professional School
Texas A&M University

Tu, John, Ph.D. 屠强

Senior Associate Dean and Professor
Saunders College of Business
Rochester Institute of Technology

Wang, Ching-Hua, Ph.D. 王庆华

Samuel Merritt University

Wang, Guiling (Grace)

Associate Dean for Research, College of Computing, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Wang, Jianfeng (Jeff), Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President for Global Affairs
Rutgers University

Wang, Jing, Ph.D.

Vice Dean for Research
School of Nursing
UT Health San Antonio

Wang, Lu, Ph.D. 汪律

Former Special Assistant to Provost
St. Thomas University
Senior Researcher and General Manager
US branch of Huikedu Group

Wang, Shiang-Kwei, Ph.D.

Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs
Harold Washington College-City College of Chicago

Wang, Vivian PhD

Vice Provost for Global Engagement
University of Tulsa

Wang, Xuemao 王雪茅

Dean of Libraries
Northwestern University

Wang, Yong (Tai), Ph.D. 王永泰

Dean, College of Heath Sciences and Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology

Wang, Zheng (John)

Dean of the Meriam Library
California State University, Chico

Wei, Mei, Ph.D.

Russ College of Engineering and Technology
Ohio University

Wu, Bei PhD, FGSA, FAGHE, FAAN (Hon.)

Vice Dean, Research
Co-director, NYU Aging Incubator
NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing

Wu, Jie, Ph.D. 吴杰

Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs
Temple University

Wu, X. Ben, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Texas A & M University

Xiang, Yun

Associate Dean for Institutional Effectiveness
The Graduate Center

Xu, Qiumei (Jane), Ph.D.

Special Assistant to the President
Northeastern Illinois University

Yan, Zhiping

Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Finance
Martin Tuchman School of Management
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Yang, Catherine, Ph.D.杨芳莘

Vice President of Academic Affairs
California Northstate University

Yang, Deli, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Initiatives
School of Business
Trinity University

Yang, Guobin

Grace Lee Boggs Professor of Communication & Sociology
Annenberg School for Communication (Associate Dean for Graduate Studies)
University of Pennsylvania

Yang, Hong, Ph.D. 杨洪

Vice President for International Affairs
Bryant University

Yang, Honggang, Ph.D. 杨红刚

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Nova Southeastern University

Yang, Le (杨乐) PhD

Associate Vice Provost & University Librarian for Collections, Discovery, and Digital Strategy. University of Oregon

Yu, Dennis, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research
David D. Reh School of Business
Clarkson University

Yu, Hongtao PhD

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Morgan State University

Yu, Lei, Ph.D. 于雷

College of Science and Technology
Texas Southern University

Yu, Tieliu Tyler, Ph.D.

School of Business
Georgia Gwinnett University

Yu, Xun

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering and Computing Sciences
New York Institute of Technology

Zeng, Amy, Ph.D.

Sawyer Business School
Suffolk University

Zhang, Daowei

Associate Dean for Research, Auburn University

Zhang, Hong, Ed.D. 张虹

Director, International Partnerships
Enrollment Management
Northeastern University

Zhang, James

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Kettering University

Zhang, Jiajie, Ph.D. 张家杰

School of Biomedical Informatics
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Zhang, Jingping 张京萍

University Librarian/Director of Libraries Operations
Marshall University

Zhang, Kun

Department of Bioengineering, UC-San Diego

Zhang, Lijie Grace PhD

Associate Dean for Research
School of Engineering and Applied Science
George Washington University

Zhang, Mei Maranda, Ph.D.

Associate Provost
Georgia Gwinnett University

Zhang, Shali 张沙丽

University Libraries
Auburn University

Zhao, Jun, Ph.D. 赵隽

College of Business
Governors State University

Zheng, Jialin C., M.D. 郑加麟

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies-International Affairs
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Zheng, Zhongguan PhD

Head and Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Utah State University

Zhu, Jianping, Ph.D. 朱建平

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Cleveland State University

Zhu, Weidong

College of Arts and Sciences
Saint Peter's University, New Jersey

Zu, Jean, Ph.D. 祖武争

Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Stevens Institute of Technology

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