Past Teleconferences

The 2014 Teleconference
[Minutes with Remarks from the Chinese American University Presidents and Chancellors]

The 2015 Teleconference

The 2016 Teleconference

The 2017 Teleconference


Past Forums

The 2003-2005 Forums in Washington, D.C.

The 2006 Forum in Las Vegas.

The 2007 Forum at Yale.

The 2008 Forum in Washington, D.C.
The first board was formed when CCADP was incorporated in Tampa, Florida.

The 2009 Forum in San Francisco.

The 2010 Forum in San Francisco.

The 2011-12 Forums in San Francisco

The 2014 Forum in Chicago
[Summary with Written Remarks from Chancellors Chan and Wise]

The 2015 Forum in Houston

The 2016 Forum in Boston
[Board Reports 2014-2016] and [Business Meeting Minutes Oct 2016]

The 2017 Forum in San Francisco
[Board of Directors Report 2016-2017]