To support fellow Chinese American academic administrators and honor inclusive leadership, CCADP’s founding members (e.g., Jin Wang, Wei Zhao, Wayne Li, George Hong, Jinkang Gong, Honggang Yang…) were getting together first informally in Washington DC in 2003-2005, in Nevada in 2006, and in Connecticut in 2007. As an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan, professional organization, CCADP was registered in Florida in 2008 while we gathered again in Washington DC to form the first board of directors. The subsequent annual forums in 2009-2012 were held in California.

Since 2014, CCADP has been holding mid-year teleconferences in addition to annual forums in order to continue comparing notes in search for promising practices in higher learning, cross-disciplinary research, student support, community outreach, multilateral partnership, and multicultural dialogs. In recognition of Chinese American academic administrators as an underrepresented group in the dynamic arena of higher education leadership, CCADP has been moving forward steadily in collaboration with diverse stakeholders and constituents.