Bylaws of the Council of Chinese American Deans and Presidents (CCADP)

(Effective September 16, 2009, Updated on May 2, 2014 and Revised November 11, 2014)


The Council of Chinese American Deans and Presidents (CCADP) is established at the time when a growing number of U.S. universities are making concerted efforts to increase diversity. These efforts set diversity as a priority to create an environment of equality and inclusiveness for students, faculty, staff, and alumni from different backgrounds. More importantly, these efforts are crucial in developing multicultural capacities that enrich the educational experience of students and better prepare them to live and work competently in an increasingly pluralistic society and a global economy.

The members of CCADP share a unique set of cultural values, traits, experiences, and beliefs in addressing challenges and opportunities facing the U.S. higher education. CCADP aims to contribute to the diversity in its broadest terms in the U.S. institutions of higher learning and commits to the success of its members through the organization’s mission and supportive functions.


Article I            Purposes and Mission

Section 1         CCADP is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan, professional organization.

Section 2         The purposes of CCADP are to encourage Chinese American university administrators and executives to share professional interests and promote the diversity and equity of Chinese Americans in higher education administration.

Section 3         The mission of CCADP is to promote career development, develop leadership and management skills, and advance the welfare of all Chinese descents in American higher education administration.

Section 4         The mission of CCADP includes promoting professional collaboration and research programs at local and global levels to benefit the work and career of its members.

Section 5         The supportive functions of CCADP include information exchange, referral, consultation, moral support, collaboration, resource sharing, friendship, leadership training, and professional promotion for its members.

Section 6         CCADP is registered in the State of Florida, the United States of America. CCADP and its members will abide by the laws of the United States of America, including but not limited to classified information and homeland security/national interest requirements.


Article II         Membership

Section 1         A person is eligible for nomination to become a member if s/he is a Chinese descent and holds or held a position or the equivalent of assistant dean or above at an accredited institution of higher education in the United States.

Section 2         After a member nominates a candidate CCADP Board will review the nomination and inform the pertinent parties of the decision.

Section 3         A membership shall be granted if the nominee:
(1) accepts and follows the bylaws of the CCADP
(2) pays the membership dues, and
(3) participates in and supports the functions and activities of the organization.

Section 4         Members have the right to vote and to be nominated for all positions of the organization.

Section 5         CCADP accepts non-voting associate members who satisfy the same qualifications specified by Section 1 of Article II.


Article III       Board of Directors

Section 1         The Board of Directors of CCADP consists of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 2         The President represents CCADP and directs the operation of all CCADP activities

Section 3         The Vice President shall assist the President in conducting administrative and public relation activities. The Vice President shall represent the President and take charge of CCADP activities should the President be unable to perform his or her designated duties.

Section 4         The Treasurer shall oversee the management and reporting of CCADP’s finances and operations, including:

  • Bank account maintenance – Signing checks, processing sponsorship checks, etc.
  • Financial transaction oversight
  • Budget – Developing the annual budget as well as comparing the actual revenues and expenses
    incurred against the budget
  • Financial policies – Overseeing the development and observation of the financial policies
  • Reports – Keeping CCADP informed of key trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health
    in addition to completing required tax filing and financial reports
  • Fulfillment of any other requirements of a board member, and performs other duties as the need arises

Section 5         The Secretary shall oversee communications and records, including:

  • Recording of decision and policy-making
  • Membership applications
  • Determination of eligibility to vote
  • Continuity of policies and practices
  • Drafting the forum summary and meeting minutes for reviewThe Secretary is responsible for assuring accurate documentation. In order to fulfill these responsibilities and comply with the organization’s bylaws, the Secretary records minutes of meetings, ensures their accuracy, co-proposes policies and practices, submits various reports to the board, maintains membership records, fulfills any other requirements of a board member, and performs other duties as the need arises.

Section 6         The Board of Directors shall serve for a term of two years. The President shall not serve consecutive terms. The Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary may serve two consecutive terms, if duly re-elected.


Article IV       Board of Advisors

Section 1         The Board of Advisors shall advise the professional programs for CCADP members, support career development of CCADP members, and provide professional assistance in advancing the causes of CCADP.

Section 2         The Board of Advisors shall be composed of internationally recognized individuals.

Section 3         Nomination of an Advisor may be made in writing by three CCADP members and is ratified by the Board of Directors. The President of CCADP shall extend the invitation and make the appointment.


Article V         Elections

Section 1        Any CCADP member may nominate an eligible member (including self-nomination) for a position on the CCADP Board of Directors.

Section 2        Elections for the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary will occur at the Council Forum or by correspondence, with anonymous assurance.


Article VI       Sponsorship

There are several levels of sponsorship. Hereby the term, “sponsorship,” denotes assistance, instead of formal endorsement of the events organized by CCADP. No sponsorships provided by tobacco or firearm firms are accepted. Views, products or services from the sponsors may not necessarily reflect endorsement by CCADP.


Article VII       Amendment to the Bylaws

The authority to interpret the bylaws shall be reserved to the Board of Directors. No amendment to the Bylaws shall be enacted unless such an amendment is approved by two-thirds of the membership votes.